Smart businessChoose Limburg.

Starting up a business in Limburg is clever. It puts you right at the heart of Europe, surrounded by many other international Headquarters who already made the plunge.

Expand your business in Europe
in 6 steps

Meet Jennifer, a successful businesswoman running an ICT company in Silicon Valley. She considers expanding her activities abroad, and thinks of Europe to set up a subsidiary.

These are the milestones she encounters on her business venture:

Step 1

Europe, a promising business location

A central location

Brussels, Belgium's capital, is home to the European decision-making centres. Flanders (the Flemish speaking part) is a prime business region. It's close to important European industrial regions, with easy access through its excellent transport infrastructure.

In a blooming business region

Limburg, in the northeast of Flanders and in the middle of the European market, features an open economy and entrepreneur-friendly climate. Settling down here equals becoming a part of the most powerful buying power in Europe.

"Starting a company in Limburg ticks all the right boxes. Over 60% of the entire European purchasing power lies within a 500-km radius."

Step 2

Finding office space

Limburg is the ideal place to do business. It has location, easy access and know-how all in one place.

Flexible office space

There are multiple business parks available in Limburg. They are currently housing over 70 companies and more than 2000 employees. These range from very small to full-size multinational corporations.

Easy access

Limburg is located at the heart of the ELAt technology triangle (Eindhoven, Louvain, Aachen), a well-linked network of universities and research centres. Close to key decision centres such as Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris and Strasbourg. A unique gateway to Europe.

Advanced know-how

Limburg is a leading location in terms of technology, high-tech, creative industries and new media. It functions as a magnet for innovative enterprises, institutions and ICT students. Companies from more than 25 countries have already invested in Limburg.

Step 3

Motivating incentives

Tax-related benefits

• Notional interest: special deduction for risk capital & venture capital.
• R&D-related incentives
• Tax Ruling
• Excess Profit Ruling
• Patent Income Deduction
• dividend from EU subsidiaries 95% free of tax
• dividend transfer to mother company 100% free of tax

Cash grants

You can also benefit from impressive measures that facilitate a start-up scenario such as:
• Training aid
• Cash grants
• Loan guarantee (Gigarant)
• Risk capital
• Labour incentives

A supporting climate

You can count on professional support (to get in touch with accountants, legal and HR advisors, etc.) organized for start-ups and young companies. Community events (such as hack-a-thons, bootcamps, key note speakers) help to spot local ICT talent. A nice plus to get your company off the ground.

Step 4

Where do I find suitable staff?

High productivity

Flemish workers show high productivity and flexibility, low percentages of absenteeism and a high degree of loyalty.


Higher education in Flanders is characterized by a high success rate: more than 1 in 4 people have a higher education certificate. Limburg offers easy access to multiple universities and a vast network of research centers.

Multicultural & multilingual

People in Limburg have a high level of language proficiency, an essential factor to do business with the rest of the world. Academically trained people in Flanders know at least 3, and often even 4 foreign languages.

Hands-on experience

Students that graduate here have completed high-level training and are ready for the market, because of a close cooperation between academies and both industries and businesses.

Step 5

I’m encouraged to do R&D projects

Research & Development made attractive

Limburg offers many fiscal measures to support R&D activities and stimulates young companies to invest in the future.
These measures range from interesting tax reductions and labour subsidies and also financial support by IWT (Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology).

"How reassuring to work in an environment that supports innovation. It's the future we're working on."

Step 6

Getting positive results

Reduced tax

Realizing a profit is a perfect sign of how healthy a corporation is. In Belgium, if your taxable profit stays under €322.500, you can enjoy a reduced tax rate (24,98%).

Excess profit ruling

Another plus is the 'excess profit ruling', which allows bringing down the taxable profit of Belgian activities by international groups under certain circumstances.

"It's so rewarding to see positive financial results after a period of hard work. And now it pays off double."

Are you ready to choose Limburg?

Good choice. Many big multinationals successfully preceded you.

Realize that you're not alone in the process. LRM, an impact driven Venture Capitalist, invests in companies in different business areas and helps to construct qualitative communities around the Limburg industry clusters. We'll use our know-how and infrastructure to back you up with qualified support during the start-up of your company.

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